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What is the CASD?

  • The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD) was established in fall 2007. Affiliated with Binghamton University, the CASD is dedicated to disseminating information to educators, community professionals, and other service providers regarding evidence-based practices to improve services provided to children with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Administratively, CASD is one of several programs conducted by the Institute for Child Development at Binghamton University.
  • CASD does not provide consultation or referrals on an individual case basis. Please contact your school district or primary care provider for assistance with such requests.
  • If you are seeking information regarding direct services for children (evaluation or intervention) through the Institute for Child Development, please refer to the main website for information on our service programs: the Children's Unit for Treatment and Evaluation (CUTE) and the Children's Unit for Learning Disabilities (CULD).


  • Our mission is to provide education/training and technical assistance on the use of evidence-based models of educational practice for autism spectrum disorders to the diverse population of educators, community professionals, and other service providers in south-central New York. Our services, in the form of both orientation/overview and focused workshops, will be available at the Institute for Child Development on the Binghamton University campus.

Services and Related Information

  • To obtain more information on services we provide as well as additional information regarding evidence-based practices, please use the navigation bar on the left to click on links of interest. As of October 2008, CASD presentations and workshops will be hosted on the Binghamton University campus. Dates will be posted on this website when these events are scheduled with instructions on how to complete registration for each event.

Where is the CASD?

  • We are located in Binghamton, New York at the ICD annex on the Binghamton University campus at 4400 Vestal Parkway, Vestal NY, 13850.

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